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Adam Goldberg Announces Candidacy for Norfolk’s Commissioner of the Revenue 2021, focusing on being the ‘tax advocate’ for city residents


NORFOLK, VA – Standing in front of City Hall, longtime Norfolk resident and retired Navy Lt. Commander Adam Goldberg announced his candidacy for Commissioner of the Revenue for the city of Norfolk, Virginia as an independent candidate.  Goldberg is running as the “Tax Advocate” for the people of Norfolk, asking voters to: “Go for Gold.”

Citing the current polarized political environment in which both parties do not seem capable of working with each other, Goldberg assures the public that as an independent and a moderate candidate he will be able to work with each party to ensure the best results for the citizens of Norfolk.

“There is a serious problem when a single party completely rules City Hall,” Goldberg said, saying the Commissioner of the Revenue and other constitutional officers should have a degree of “independence” from the Council and Mayor.

“Being beholden to people of one party can prevent them from working in the best interest of the people of Norfolk,” he added.

Goldberg who is a father of five and grandfather of three, and currently works as a government contractor, affirmed that “our taxes in Norfolk are too high.”  He added a further appeal to the people of the city that with their support he will be their “tax advocate in city hall,” come November 2.

On his website, Goldberg outlines that he is “an outsider that will break the cronyism and favoritism mentality of City Hall.”  A firm believer in the “The Golden Rule!” Treating others as you would like to be treated, he pushes to ensure tax equity is followed in fair and equal assessment of all property values.

Goldberg is a 25-year Navy veteran who recently retired from the Navy, there are currently no elected city officials who have ever served in the military on active duty let alone retired from the military.  “This is surprising for a city so connected to the military as Norfolk is,” he said.

The first tax concerns that Goldberg has vowed to tackle once elected are the “tax reduction programs for the elderly and disabled, re-evaluating the BPOL rates as we emerge from the COVID pandemic and working to abolish the tangible personal property car tax in Norfolk!”  He also has promised to “improve customer service in the Commissioner of the Revenue office and response time to calls and emails.”

“Once I advocate for reduced car and business taxes I want to explore the introduction of homestead exemptions for primary residences and a tiered property tax rate for homes, similar to the way our federal income tax works.”  Homestead exemptions are programs that typically cap the percentage the government can raise your taxes per year.

 “I’m running for office because I want to make Norfolk a better place to live and increase the productivity and opportunity to its citizens.”  He further states “our family has always been big into volunteer service and civic support.”  Goldberg has been involved in a number of community projects with local veterans groups and spear headed the preservation of a local 115-year old cemetery that has been neglected.

Goldberg is married to Eve -- yes Adam and Eve -- a local seamstress who also works various furniture restoration projects.   He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Naval Science.

His web site is and can also be found on Facebook at GoldbergForNorfolk.


Goldberg At City Hall