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More Pictures to Come!!!!


Thank You Virginia Pilot
Thank You Virginia Pilot! Not only did you give me a good spread, but you put my picture in the paper twice!  Once for me and once for my opponent.  I love you guys!


20OCT2021 Letter To The Editor
Virginian Pilot - October 20, 2021

Thank you, Mr Shaun Murphy!  Saw this is the paper today and I’m glad to see my message and true intent for political office is being heard!

I saw the original letter to the editor from Mrs Auerbach and thought it was more of a help to me than to the incumbent because the tone of the article was to re-elect an incumbent that will continue to do nothing for the people of Norfolk.

Before my wife and I decided to run for this office I read the Virginia Constitution and the City of Norfolk’s Charter and Code, all of which clearly lay out the roll of the Commissioner of the Revenue.  I know what the office entails and I know what I can do once elected.  Even more so, I know what the bosses and city council do not want you, the people of Norfolk, to know about the going-ons in city hall.  In or out of office I will be the tax payers advocate, but I will be more potent once elected into city hall!

Thank you again Mr Murphy, this helps reinstills that together we can make city hall a government for the people by the people.
Petty Opponent
Petty. Petty. Petty…  How petty can an opponent be.  Early voting started last Friday at city hall.  Thursday night my bride and I put out my signs, and the following morning we went out to vote.  Well, my opponent had placed her signs in front of mine blocking them from view.  It is like she is campaigning for sixth grade class president and not a constitutional office that will affect the lives of the people of Norfolk.  So, my signs took a jump to the left and you can see them again.  Petty. Petty. Petty…
Helping A Neighbor
So while I was canvassing the neighborhood today, Mrs Taylor and her mother Sheila were trying to remove the bumper of moms car to get out the radiator which has been leaking majorly. This gave me a break to help them get some of the work done, reliving my mechanic days, before I continued knocking on doors. Even little William helped out.
Butterfly and Adam
​​​​​​The neatest thing happened.  I was at a friend’s house, siting in the back yard, and a butterfly landed on my right arm.  Stayed there a good 10 minutes.  Hoping it is a good sign.
Blood Drive Montage
Thank you to my Comrades and Friends at VFW Post 4809 and the American Red Cross for the opportunity for me and my son to give blood.  I'm told there is currently a blood shortage in the country, O positive is the most needed.  If you have an opportunity to give please do so.  This is one of the many ways you can help make a difference in our community.  To find a location and time to donate please go to:
HRT Transit Collage
I want to give a shout out to the workers at the HRT (Hampton Roads Transit) who last Sunday provided me and my family a superb and efficient means of getting to city hall to announce my candidacy for Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Norfolk!
Felix "Mo" Maurizio
It was an honor to meet WWII Navy Veteran Felix "Mo" Maurizio. A member of the Greatest Generation who served through out the Pacific onboard ships like the USS Talladega (APA-208) and the USS Iowa (BB-61). He has seen more than most anyone today could ever claim and is one of the most humble people one will ever meet.
VFW Post 3160
It is always a great opportunity to come talk to my fellow veterans! Thank you VFW Post 3160 for having me over. A great group doing great things for veterans.
Azalea Acres and Lakes Civic League
I would like to thank the Azalea Acres and Lakes Civic League for having me over to to speak. You are a lively group doing great things for your community and it shows! I loved the questions and the informative exchange we had, really fun stuff.
Who does not love a picture of the USS WISCONSIN in downtown Norfolk!
Who does not love a picture of the USS WISCONSIN in downtown Norfolk!