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Adam’s BackgroundAdam and Eve

Adam and Eve are the proud parents of five and grandparents of three.  Adam is the second child of three, only son to a scientist and preschool teacher.  His father was a Ph.D. in applied physical chemistry and his mother has a master’s degree in special education.

Adam learned the value of money early in life at age 14 when he started working as a paperboy during the days when one could throw the paper bags over the handle bars of their bike.  During high school, Adam apprenticed as a plumber and exterminator; he also worked as a janitor and laborer.  During the summer, he worked in his local community center as an assistant recreation leader.

Ensign GoldbergDuring college, to continue earning money and help pay for tuition and books, Adam worked as an auto mechanic, a waiter, and onboard a squid boat for a season.
Upon enlisting in the Navy, Adam served one tour in the Submarine Navy.  He received a commission through the Merchant Marine Reserve program and served 20 years as a Surface Warfare Officer and as a plans and operations officer on Flag-level (Admirals) Staffs.  One of his proudest achievements was commissioning the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System in Romania.

Adam has been retired from the military for over two years and continues to work for the Navy as a Senior Military Adviser; planning, managing, and executing global conflict size exercises at the “operational level of war.”  These exercises involve all branches of the military and include partner and allied nations.  He really enjoys this work, but would like better to serve the people of Norfolk!


✓ Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Naval Science Easter Island
✓ Master’s in Business Administration

Practical Experience

Leadership in the Navy

✓ Adam has led groups of Sailors, officers, civilian government employees, and civilian contractors working for the government, Department of Defense

Financial management

✓ As a team lead, Adam managed government operational budgets and account for every penny spent on operational target items
✓ During his active duty service, he managed multimillion dollar government contracts to ensure that money was being spent in accordance with the intent and design of those contracts
✓ Adam was part of the financial audit team at two separate commands
✓ He was the Wardroom Mess Treasurer for a two-year tour
✓ Currently managing and planning several multi-million-dollar fleet level exercises for the US Navy

Volunteer TimeAdam and Engine

Volunteering is a big part of the Goldberg family ethos 

✓ Both Adam and Eve were foster parents for several years
✓ At age 13, Adam started working at a local park doing grounds maintenance
✓ During college he was active with the Circle K (Kiwanis) club serving as the secretary and the president
✓ Currently volunteers as a Polling Officer at the Lafayette Polling Place
✓ Member of the Norfolk Society of Cemetery Conservation
    ♦ Organized and lead volunteers in restoring one of Norfolk’s 110-year-old cemetery’s which was neglected for 60 years and had over 80 headstones vandalized
✓ Post Commander (President) of the Hampton Roads JWV Post 158
✓ Chairman for security at his house of worship and children’s day school
    ♦ Budgeted $230,000 in federal grant money for security improvements
✓ Served two years as the secretary on the board of his children’s day school (Pre-K-8th)

Veterans AssociationsAdam and Forster Daughter

✓ Active in Veterans Issues
✓ Life member of the following veteran’s groups: 
    ♦ VFW
    ♦ American Legion
    ♦ DAV
    ♦ JWV
    ♦ MOAA
    ♦ and AMVETs
✓ A sitting member of the Hampton Roads Council of Veterans Organizations (HRCVO)AdamTorpedo

Personal Qualifications

✓ Paid home property taxes for over 15 years in Norfolk and Florida
✓ Owned three homes, two in Norfolk
✓ Paid my taxes on the first car I bought at age 17 and every car there-after
✓ Been filing my own income tax since I was 18



Adam and Helicopter