Adam Goldberg is an independent candidate running for the office of Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Norfolk.  A 25-year Navy veteran who calls Norfolk his home, Adam has a strong background in financial management and leadership.  He is YOUR choice for COMMISSIONER OF THE REVENUE!

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Why Go For Gold...

Being your Taxpayer watch dog!
✓ An outsider that will break the cronyism and favoritism mentality of City Hall
✓ To have an advocate before the City Council for tax equity
    ♦ Norfolk has the second highest real estate tax rate in the Hampton Roads area and is one of the top most taxed communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia
✓ No currently elected city official has ever served on active duty let alone retired from the military
✓ Breaking single-party control in City Hall
✓ “The Golden Rule!” A firm believer in treating others as you would like to be treated 
✓ Fiscally responsible
✓ Tax reduction programs for the old and infirmed
✓ Boost business and home ownership in Norfolk
    ♦ The backbone of our economy
    ♦ Encourage people and businesses to stay and settle in Norfolk vice leaving due to high property taxes
✓ More Community Service

What Adam will ADVOCATE for you...

✓ Fair and equitable assessment of property and vehicle values
✓ Improve customer service in the Commissioner of the Revenue office and response time to calls and emails
✓ Re-evaluating the BPOL rates as we emerge from the COVID pandemicLCDR Adam Goldberg at PMRF
ABOLISH the tangible personal property car tax in Norfolk!
    ♦ If not achievable, lower the tangible personal property tax rate for vehicles valued under $5,000
✓ Opportunities for first time home and car buyers to receive a tax break
✓ Homestead exemptions, which will remove a set amount off the assessed value of an owner-occupied residence and limit future annual increases in assessed value to 3%
✓ Raising the minimum wage levels and the amount of the “deferred assess home values” for the Seniors Real Estate Tax Relief and Deferral Program
✓ A tiered property tax rate for homes, similar to the way our federal income tax works, that would lower property tax rates for homes of a lower assessed value
✓ Tax breaks for starting business’s property taxes
    ♦ Let’s grow the industry and small businesses of Norfolk!